Works For Me Wednesday

So, I have been reading blogs for a few months now and one of my favorites has been Rocks in my Dryer! Shannon hosts Works for me Wednesday where everyone posts a tip that WORKS FOR THEM!! Hence the name!! I know, I’m GREAT with descriptions!! Anyway, here is my first entry, today is a kitchen edition. So, mine has to do with THIS

Isn’t it GREAT!?!? I love it! It’s from IKEA and we use it for everything, keys, bills, and (this is where the kitchen tip comes in……jotting down things we run out of, like MILK,BREAD,EGGS, ETC. My older boys are old enough to use it too and they have gotten pretty good at it so I always check on “the board” before we go to bed to see if I need to shop for anything in the morning. This is especially handy for school lunches and such. So…..there it is…my first tip. ENJOY! Oh, and for more tips, head over to Rocks in my Dryer , I always learn SO much!


YUMMY!!! It’s PIE!

I was totally in the baking mood today so I found this recipe online this afternoon and decided to try it. Oh, I forgot, FIRST we made this ! I have to say, it was sooooooo easy and DELISH! I was a total skeptic about the dough but it turned out great! My 4 year old loved helping me and of course, he LOVED eating the pie even more! It was so cute, he called it cinnamon pie and he kept telling me how much he loved it all day! So anyway, I know this isn’t healthy AT ALL, but it sure was fun!!