The first one!

So! Here I am! My first blog post. Just a little info on the title of my blog before I get to the intro…….I have 3 boys who are ALWAYS hungry! They are 15,11, and 4 and I hear this EVERY DAY..but not just once, it’s ALL THE TIME!! I understand though, they are BOYS! Oh, I forgot, I also have 1 HUNGRY husband too!!! 🙂 AND during the week I watch my 1 year old NEPHEW, so……..I am surrounded by MALES!!!! I LOVE it but I’m always looking for an excuse to be GIRLY!!! Now to the intro…… My name is Amy.I am a SAHM but I also wear many other hats, of course, all the moms out there know what I’m talkin about!!! So–let’s talk a little about what I’d LIKE this blog to be about. I love to cook and bake so I’d like to incorporate those things in here. I’m getting concerned about my boys and their eating habits so I am trying to keep the food fairly healthy, but let’s face it, we HAVE to have a little fun too! I also love to read and do projects with my kids so I will post so fun things we do and have enjoyed. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new projects and recipes to try. So……….I guess the blog will be a “mish mash” of sorts….at least for awhile..until I find my way (if that ever happens :))!

By the way, I will e psoting some pictures of various things we do but not right away. We are in need of a new camera at the moment (thanks to my 4 year old! :))!

’til next time……….Amy